Mavic SSC Downtube Shifters


Mavic SSC Downtube Shifters, Friction (Simplex SLJ)

Some of the most beautiful downtube shifters ever made!  They’re a simple, yet elegant design.  These came with NO logos or inscriptions, and are a one piece design (the levers, shift plates, and bolts are all one unit, with less chance of losing parts.  Quite rare!

The Mavic S.S.C. was a top of the line group Mavic produced in the 1980’s.  For the shifters, Mavic sourced Simplex Super LJ shifters and removed all markings.  These are EXACTLY the same as Simplex SLJ shifters, just without the Simplex inscriptions.

  • Friction only
  • Rear shifter: compatible with 5, 6, 7, or 8 speed drivetrains (maybe 9?)
  • Front shifter: compatible with double and triple cranks

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